"Breathing for Two" Prenatal Workshops

"Breathing for Two" Prenatal Workshop with Rhiannon Benson. This workshop is designed to introduce the benefits of gentle asana, deep breathing techniques and meditation for a happy, healthy pregnancy and preparation for labor and delivery.

Why Prenatal Yoga?

·         Breath awareness

·         Create openness and build strength

·         Connection and bonding between mama and baby

·         Staying fit

·         Preparation for L&D

·         Community

·         Acceptance of the ever changing pregnant body

·         Improving circulation

·         Physical & emotional balance

·         Creating space in the body for mama and baby

·         Taking time to relax and enjoy each moment of pregnancy by staying present and focused

·         Reduce nausea, swelling, water retention, stress, pains and other   ailments associated with growing a tiny human!

The "Breathing for Two" Prenatal Workshops will be on Saturday, 1/31 at 3:30 pm at our Blaine Studios and Sunday 2/1 at 1 pm at our Maple Grove Studio. Cost is $35. 

There are lots of workshops coming up over the next couple of months so make sure to check out our workshops page for details! 

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