Looking for a way to get ready for summer?

Heat Yoga Teacher, Veronica Walters, is offering a special Spring Detox to help you! This detox is available as a 4 part series or a 2 HOUR POWER UP class. Following are details and class times. 

Yoki Spring Detox! 4- Week Session
2nd Session: Navel & Heart (Twist and Heart Opener)

Detox and get ready for summer! This class is designed to cleanse, clear and recharge your physical, mental and energetic self! 75 minute warm class (heated 75-90*) will explore poses (asanas), breath (pranayamas) and seals (mudras) that are best for each chakra to release blocks and detoxify in this unique series. Learn how Reiki, which is a non-invasive but effective Japanese healing technique, assist your body heal itself (an option to experience during class). Cool scented towels will provide a blissful end to your practice. All levels welcomed!

$ 25.00 per Class
BONUS! Free Tank Top if you sign up for 4 classes or more ($30.00 Value) are handmade in USA by Yoganastix. Please specify size by emailing yoki.life@yahoo.com

4-week Sessions as follows:
1st Session: Root & Sacral (Standing Balance and Hips)
2nd Session: Navel & Heart (Twist and Heart Opener)
3rd Session: Throat & 3rd Eye (Arm Balance and Seated)
4th Session: Crown (Inversions and Meditation)

Spring Detox Session 2 
5/20 at Maple Grove 

Yoki Detox 2 Hour Power Up Class with Veronica 
5/30 at Maple Grove 

Spring Detox Session 3 with Veronica 
5/27 at Maple Grove
6/1 at Blaine

Spring Detox Session 4 with Veronica
6/3 at Maple Grove 
6/8 at Blaine

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