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Looking for ways to enhance your practice? Check out our upcoming workshops!

Fluid Workshop : August 18 - 6pm - $40 ($70 for both)

Workshop lead by guest teacher, Jordi Doughty.

Fluid is a movement based workshop focused around continuous motion. We will step away from "poses" and learn more about the transition process that keeps everything flowing with the most strength and ease - simultaneously. We will practice with the idea that we are either moving in or moving out with no space for mindlessness in uncomfortable places. We will learn how to linger where it feels good and how to take that calm action into our stronger transitions / poses. Healthy alternatives for every level.

Flight Evolution Workshop : August 19 - 10:30am - $40 ($70 for both)

Workshop led by guest teacher, Jordi Doughty.

The Flight Evolution Workshop is based around using the fundamentals from "Fluid" to build functional strength and body awareness for arm balances, inversions, back bends and all movements requiring a stronger foundation. In this all-level friendly practice, we will learn to use both the push and pull rhythms of our body to find our strongest center of gravity. Whether you're looking to find ease into crow, feel more stable in chaturanga or float into a steady handstand, this class is for you. Healthy alternatives for anyone ready to play!

BIO: Jordi began her movement practice with dance at the age of two. She continued to evolve as a movement artist through dance until she graduated and took her passions to study at Iowa State University. She was introduced to mandatory yoga classes while getting her minor in dance. She instantly fell in love with the the similarities between the two and went on to get her certification under Manuel Velazquez. When you take one of Jordi's classes, be ready to leave all stagnant movement behind and flow right into some funky twists on the traditional transitions. Her use of juicy heart openers and hip sways will keep you feeling supported yet free to vibrate on your own frequency. http://ow.ly/vGq530e3nHZ

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Sun, Nov 19, 201711:21 pm
Thank you so much for providing these great chances time to time in order to build our knowledge. The rushessay reviews services in the upcoming workshops will be a tremendous asset for the participants. I look forward to be part of this workshop.